IMG_0414Finished Footwear


Sup Readers,

Short post as I’m quite behind on my blog right now so going to put some work in tonight and get back on track.

This week we had the Textiles/Fashion section of the course (by far my favourite) our premise for the project was based on apocalyptic scenarios and the items and clothing that the human race would be using in those situations.

Cue instant images of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld and many zombie films!

I ended up basing my idea on a sort of Neo 18th century future cowboy (thats a tongue twister) living of the plains and going back to the use of old techniques and what would these scavengers use on there feet? Boots, Trainers?


Prototype made out of balsa, wire and foam board.

I settle on a Knights boot with a more tribal mid-section so wrapped rope and suede lining it couldn’t really support the weight as the frame was very week so it ended up looking a bit rubbish.


Wrapped with Mesh and String

I coated the final version with an Ink wash to give it an aged and worn out affect and i still have not managed to get any decent photos of the shoe in use but i will put up what i have finished so you can get an idea.


Finished shoe with added laces

Thanks for reading!

Kind Regards