Cardboard Shoe

Alright dudes,

For this weeks project i was placed in the fine art rotation and our project brief was based on “Trace” and how we interpreted it ourselves

I started messing around with some practice projects using some of the materials from the induction weeks Survival Craft. I searched around through a few groups for some choice pieces of artwork and crafted a little stiletto out of cardboard, string and glue.

I then begun to brainstorm the overall project that i wanted to produce i already had a few ideas from the get go! I went through things such as Time, growth and decay, speed and marks. I originally wanted to do some long exposure shots with sneakers as they would leave a trace behind but i found working a camera that was not my iPhone for the first time very confusing!

I settled on Marks for the project and the trace that runners would leave on the floor while running, i suppose you could reference back to Jackson Pollock but i did not actually use him in my research.

I wanted a sneaker with a very distinct sole so i picked a Flyknit Racer i then dipped the shoe in standard acrylic paint and smeared it on a page of A2.


Finished Smear Painting

I had to turn this into my own curated area of the studio so i thought it would be a great idea to create a 3D piece as i had already seen a few students in the class using plaster to create some great art.

I used a new algae based moulding mixture to copy the sole and then i dripped paint on it to show a physical rendition of the paintings. If i had more time i would of positioned the sculpture upright and had the paint dripping down onto the podium but considering i got all this done in two days it turned out great!


Final pieceĀ 


Again Thanks for taking time to read,

Kind Regards