Whad up!

Final week of all the rotations and it was the hardest week i have experienced on the course so far..

I “get” Viscom but i don’t “get” it at the same time its quite hard to explain plus i fucking hate collages and i cutting itty bitty pictures with scissors. I am also severely dyslexic when it comes to writing so spent most of my week with typography flogging a dead horse.

My group started out by bringing in newspapers from the weekend and selecting articles that each of us found interesting, i chose a really uninteresting paper pretty much devoid of any entertaining articles so i decided to settle on a story about doctors getting paid £50 to sign a form allowing old people to die at home thus saving the hospital lots of money this has caused some controversy so i thought it would be a good place to start.

We started by selecting words from the article and creating typography from set templates then we had a class on illustration and i was taught a few styles and different ways of drawing which was interesting.

IMG_0409Crafting Basic Books

Our final task was bookmaking and compiling all the weeks lessons into one piece, i decided straight away to make a Flipbook and i made it in the workshop by drilling through thick cardboard and then stitching it through the holes then i drew a little comic of an old man in a hostpital i had some decent feedback on this the only comment was it could of flipped easier and the drawings could of been more clear but then i did rush it.

IMG_0404Finished Book

This is my last week before trying to get on my chosen pathway of textiles and fashion so wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards