Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking the time and interest to look over my little blog.

Finally after many busy and blank nights i have found a chance to sit down a write some interesting dialogue for my course at Farnham UCA.

I have been meaning to do this for sometime so the posts shall be a little backed up at first but it should straighten itself out soon enough. I suppose what i really want to try and do with this medium is place enough information down so that my tutors may go easier on some of the areas that i am lacking on a’la reflective journal.

I find any of the academic side extremely hard so hoping my creative juices might make up for it.

The image i have used for my first post was my creation from the summer task which we where set to create a survival kit for use on a desert island, I went to town on creating a shipping crate vibe that stored all my favourite things (it would be pretty useless on for survival) but after running around all the craft shops in Surrey looking for suitable packing material I ended up with a box straight out of a Madagascar!

My list of items included:

1 x Nike MC Flyknit

1 x Jason Markk Cleaner and Brush

1 x Patta Lighter

1 x Personalised Swiss Army Knife

1 x Shwood Sunglasses

1 x Nixon Oxide Corrode Watch

1 x Comme Des Garcon Perfume

So thats my first post all done! Will be following it with more ASAP!

Kind Regards