After a long period away from my blog I am finally back to typing at 12am.

It has been a very stressful and long week for me preparing for my event Crepe City with emails to answer everyday and messages coming in from all platforms I have been snowed under and had no time to concentrate on work for my course.

But the 9th Crepe City broke all boundaries any UK sneaker event had set before with sneaker fanatics queuing from 7.30 and some in line for 4+ hours it really shows the work we have put in pays off.

This year Gerard our resident Jordan expert held and exclusive Jordan Museum with Memorabilia and game worn pairs some of these worth up to £40,000 this helped draw the massive crowd along with over 100 sellers of the rarest kicks and drinks and food provided by Wray and Nephew UK and Wishbone Brixton all to the sound of our amazing DJ’s playing old school Hip Hop and RnB.

Great to catch up with all my friends from London as usual and had a few homies from surrey come through and support making int extra special.

Anyway will update more with some of the University work I am trying to finish at the moment its titled Inglorious beasties and is super interesting! Ciao




Whad up!

Final week of all the rotations and it was the hardest week i have experienced on the course so far..

I “get” Viscom but i don’t “get” it at the same time its quite hard to explain plus i fucking hate collages and i cutting itty bitty pictures with scissors. I am also severely dyslexic when it comes to writing so spent most of my week with typography flogging a dead horse.

My group started out by bringing in newspapers from the weekend and selecting articles that each of us found interesting, i chose a really uninteresting paper pretty much devoid of any entertaining articles so i decided to settle on a story about doctors getting paid £50 to sign a form allowing old people to die at home thus saving the hospital lots of money this has caused some controversy so i thought it would be a good place to start.

We started by selecting words from the article and creating typography from set templates then we had a class on illustration and i was taught a few styles and different ways of drawing which was interesting.

IMG_0409Crafting Basic Books

Our final task was bookmaking and compiling all the weeks lessons into one piece, i decided straight away to make a Flipbook and i made it in the workshop by drilling through thick cardboard and then stitching it through the holes then i drew a little comic of an old man in a hostpital i had some decent feedback on this the only comment was it could of flipped easier and the drawings could of been more clear but then i did rush it.

IMG_0404Finished Book

This is my last week before trying to get on my chosen pathway of textiles and fashion so wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards


IMG_0336Finished prototype

Hey Guys

Just a quick 12am entry before i drift off!

This week i had my first lessons in 3D for about 8 years. Great fun found it very interesting would love to work more with some of the materials available especially the  glass work and blacksmithing.. have always fancied being a blacksmith!

Some of the art we where shown in the slideshows was crazy, so after going through a few slides and chatting about the different pathways with Design our Weeks project was revealed to us as Counter Crisis straight away i thought this was going to be very similar the textiles task but this time it focused on prevention and cures, For example i researched on water purification for 3rd world countries and also movement assists such as Exo-suits.

But i already had my idea in my head for what i wanted to design as i had been thinking about it all week.

I aimed to create a portable 3D Map creator to be used for Military or Souvenir use, sort of a Map that would point out locations easier then paper but be quick to destroy, i also thought you would be able to use it to show your friends where you had travelled on holiday.

I made a textured map out of sand, coconut shell, and paint then i blew a clear bubble with the air moulder and then crafted the base out of hard foam.

I was happy with the finished project i think it showed what i wanted to do while causing questions.

Thanks for reading,

Kind Regards



Hi Guys,

Project number 3 or 4 I have lost count!

I dreaded this week as all i could imagine was drawing the same endless pages of shit for 2 seconds of screen time, but surprise i actually throughly enjoyed it!

once taught the software it was as easy as point..move..shoot again and again and i started to really get a hang of using the software and basic animating in general.

The weeks task was chosen as Time and we had to interpret it in our own way and create a 2 minute film using any form of animation available

My team worked really hard and we used cut paper to create a South Park looking film based on a timeline of famous events such as, The Royal Wedding, 50 years of Disney, Tsunamis and Bombings.

There was a huge diversity of ideas from all of the separate teams and not one was similar which was nice as they all stood out on their own merits.

I would love to spend a few lunch breaks making my own animation!

IMG_0110Moving around the pieces before taking a shot for the next frame, we did over 500!

IMG_0109Animation in progress, check out the happy baby

Thats all folks!

Thanks again for reading.

Kind regards


IMG_0414Finished Footwear


Sup Readers,

Short post as I’m quite behind on my blog right now so going to put some work in tonight and get back on track.

This week we had the Textiles/Fashion section of the course (by far my favourite) our premise for the project was based on apocalyptic scenarios and the items and clothing that the human race would be using in those situations.

Cue instant images of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld and many zombie films!

I ended up basing my idea on a sort of Neo 18th century future cowboy (thats a tongue twister) living of the plains and going back to the use of old techniques and what would these scavengers use on there feet? Boots, Trainers?


Prototype made out of balsa, wire and foam board.

I settle on a Knights boot with a more tribal mid-section so wrapped rope and suede lining it couldn’t really support the weight as the frame was very week so it ended up looking a bit rubbish.


Wrapped with Mesh and String

I coated the final version with an Ink wash to give it an aged and worn out affect and i still have not managed to get any decent photos of the shoe in use but i will put up what i have finished so you can get an idea.


Finished shoe with added laces

Thanks for reading!

Kind Regards



Cardboard Shoe

Alright dudes,

For this weeks project i was placed in the fine art rotation and our project brief was based on “Trace” and how we interpreted it ourselves

I started messing around with some practice projects using some of the materials from the induction weeks Survival Craft. I searched around through a few groups for some choice pieces of artwork and crafted a little stiletto out of cardboard, string and glue.

I then begun to brainstorm the overall project that i wanted to produce i already had a few ideas from the get go! I went through things such as Time, growth and decay, speed and marks. I originally wanted to do some long exposure shots with sneakers as they would leave a trace behind but i found working a camera that was not my iPhone for the first time very confusing!

I settled on Marks for the project and the trace that runners would leave on the floor while running, i suppose you could reference back to Jackson Pollock but i did not actually use him in my research.

I wanted a sneaker with a very distinct sole so i picked a Flyknit Racer i then dipped the shoe in standard acrylic paint and smeared it on a page of A2.


Finished Smear Painting

I had to turn this into my own curated area of the studio so i thought it would be a great idea to create a 3D piece as i had already seen a few students in the class using plaster to create some great art.

I used a new algae based moulding mixture to copy the sole and then i dripped paint on it to show a physical rendition of the paintings. If i had more time i would of positioned the sculpture upright and had the paint dripping down onto the podium but considering i got all this done in two days it turned out great!


Final piece 


Again Thanks for taking time to read,

Kind Regards



Dear Readers,

Thank you for taking the time and interest to look over my little blog.

Finally after many busy and blank nights i have found a chance to sit down a write some interesting dialogue for my course at Farnham UCA.

I have been meaning to do this for sometime so the posts shall be a little backed up at first but it should straighten itself out soon enough. I suppose what i really want to try and do with this medium is place enough information down so that my tutors may go easier on some of the areas that i am lacking on a’la reflective journal.

I find any of the academic side extremely hard so hoping my creative juices might make up for it.

The image i have used for my first post was my creation from the summer task which we where set to create a survival kit for use on a desert island, I went to town on creating a shipping crate vibe that stored all my favourite things (it would be pretty useless on for survival) but after running around all the craft shops in Surrey looking for suitable packing material I ended up with a box straight out of a Madagascar!

My list of items included:

1 x Nike MC Flyknit

1 x Jason Markk Cleaner and Brush

1 x Patta Lighter

1 x Personalised Swiss Army Knife

1 x Shwood Sunglasses

1 x Nixon Oxide Corrode Watch

1 x Comme Des Garcon Perfume

So thats my first post all done! Will be following it with more ASAP!

Kind Regards